Challenge #03985-J333: Countermeasures

Spellcasters hate this fact but if you just stick your fingers in their mouth while they're casting a spell with a verbal component it's literally more effective than a counter spell. This also works with pinning their hands against the wall when they're trying to use somatic components.

Basically if you make out sloppy style while pressed against a wall the spellcasters can't do anything -- Anon Guest

[AN: And I have to keep this story PG. Thanks Nonny. Not]

Adventurers don't have to do advanced magic to counter a wizard. All they need is enough proximity and a blatant disregard for personal boundaries. The Bard, Rickard Cagodor was just one of those Adventurers.

It was a winning strategy, but not the most heroic. The best words to describe it is "problematic at best". In brief, if there's a wicked wizard trying to kill them all, Rickard would get within grappling range and suck face. With an option for aggressive hand-holding as well. None of this with any permission.

It's bad manners to make out with anyone without their permission. It's worse manners to do that with a plan to literally stab them in the back. It makes a lot of vengeful ghosts, to say the least of it.

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