Tuesday, Shrinky Dinks and Unriddling

I have a Telehealth shrink appointment today. Huzzah. I also have some technical difficulties to unriddle on the opposite side of Brisbane involving GoogDrive, chevrons, and whatever the heck my Mum is doing to view my chapters ;_;

I can't really get there until tomorrow, and BOM is telling us there's going to be cataclysmic rain sometime real soon now. Whee.

Next on my agenda is attempting to unriddle whatever the fuck is going on with OwlBear Rodeo so I can populate my maps and then initialise fog of war on them.

Also the mandatory week of tags in the app, the sorting of vinyl, and very probably, the building of next map to streamline the process. And at some point, I shall also make a copy of the 2K summary of Adapting so I can whittle it down to 1K words.

::wheezy panting noises::

We get paid today, and there's only one thing of cat food left to feed the poor starving kitties with tomorrow. I may have to grab a box of something at the local shops just to be sure there's enough for them before we do shopping.

...somewhere, our math went wrong and there is no more overlap. I worry.

Gotta gotta publish to get money from my work. Gotta gotta have things done to publish. Gotta gotta keep working on this or else.



Onwards to the fantasy. At least A Devil's Tale has approached an interesting junction.