Tuesday, Patreon, Bread, and Shrink Day

Just finished a telehealth call with my shrink. I have Wilson, my wholemeal Starter, incubating. They have a little over an hour remaining before the autolysing begins.

I'm pretty sure the amount of ice is responsible for my bread turning into sod loaves. So I'm back to being particular about the ice I use. It could also be that Wilson was still waking up last time and they'll be on full form sometime real soon now.

Hopefully, this time around.

I'll be working on some side projects while my dough is resting. So there shall be more bonus points. Yay.

I have no idea what I'm doing with those. I just like number go up.

Chapter Count: Currently midway through chapter 380 of A Devil's Tale.

Onwards to the offerings, including my Patreon stuff.