Challenge #04076-K058: Hero in Waiting

A: He was born in the wrong era.

B: What do you mean?

A: He improves his skills everyday, but with nowhere to apply it it will all amount to nothing in this era of peace.

B: Isn’t that a good thing? No one should experience war.

A: That’s true. Born in tranquility, raised with love, yet he feels unfulfilled. He will die with loved ones and untapped potential. -- Anon Guest

Some people think there is nothing sadder than a warrior without a war. This is false. A true warrior has no desire for war. Those who thirst for battle are the ones who have avoided the threat of their own spilled blood. The ones who cry loudest for war are the ones who will never spend one minute on the battlefield.

They'll attempt to pay their way out of ever going to one, too.

Audin Redhammer trained for battle. Sharpened his prowess. Prepared for any situation he read or heard about. Readied himself for a rough encounter in a world that was growing soft. He didn't want to be a warrior. He was a warrior. Strong. Fast. Agile. Smart. Honing every capability he could. Strengthening every weakness. All for, apparently, nothing.

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