Wednesday, Wordpress BULLSHIT

So I started my day on some unwelcome news: The body corporate that owns Tumblr and Wordpress is now going to sell all the content there to fucking OpenAI and Midjourney.

Thank Grop I didn't post anything of vast import over there. I'm going to have to remove my chapters because that's MY intellectual property, dangit, and no bot is going to have it until it's professionally published.

There are bot repellants, but there's nothing to stop an anti-ethical bot from scraping my content.

Fucking techbros taking instead of asking.

At least I know what today's Wordpress rant is going to be about.

I have five chapters to record for Adorable, the aforementioned Wordpress, dough proofing in the incubator, and a piece to review and revise from a fellow author I'm helping with their English.

Keepin' busy.