Challenge #04075-K057: Heavy the Heart...

The young, inexperienced, king made some serious mistakes and now his lands are in chaos. He begs for his people to send for Wraithvine and friends, so he can get advice on fixing the mess. His worst problems? He's young, inexperienced, and his advisors are not exactly always honest with him. -- Anon Guest

A child king is loved by his advisors. Mostly because those advisors can shape him, direct him, and coddle him from the truth. You almost never find a regent who tells their royal charge to beware a power-hungry flatterer. Nor one who gives advice on how to spot such venal creatures in their court.

An heir to any given throne may take their seat as young as twelve, but most have regents until they come of age at twenty. Takakura Navaro had taken rank, crown, and throne at twelve, though he had technically been king since the age of seven.

Of such circumstances, rotten realms are made.

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