Monday, Foundry Reads and Shenanigans

So here WAS the PLN:

  1. Drop Beloved off at the train station
  2. Drive to North Lakes
  3. Acquire Ashwagandha just as the Chemist Warehouse there opens at 8AM
  4. Maybe write a sentence or two during the SHORT wait.

The key factor in this PLN was that Google insisted that Chemist Warehouse was open at 8AM. Google LIED.

They open at 9AM.

So I settled down for an hour and realised I could work on my entry for the Foundry while I waited. This is after I did a line or two of a fanfic I'm messing with.

But then THOSE plans were set awry by an evacuation practice drill. I had to pack up and move outside [where some ppl also lit up :P ] while they sorted out the diverse alarums.

And as a "bonus", the only place I know to easily and reliably get Ashwagandha... is shutting down. Now there shall only be One Chemist Warehouse in North Lakes.

Which, I have been promised, will be enlarging and stocking my Ashwagandha.

I'm streaming my story writing this afternoon, and I know I can at least get that right. Bread tomorrow, and incremental jiggery-pokery associated with that.