Monday, Shrink Day and Foundry

It's happened. I had someone compare my WIP to the Bible. As in, the Good Book is LIGHT READING compared to whatever the fuck I have going on.

I'm sure other writers have been told to tone it down in the same way.

And I am once more called out for torturing the boy.


I am proceeding apace with the summary of Beauties, the recording of ADT. I haven't touched Stencyl, last week so my messing around there before tomorrow will be minimal. At best.

I am a busy, busy bean who just wants to write saucy vampire fanfic.

I have THREE demons and their potential relationships for the future shenanigans. I need some toxic flower/plant names for some Archfey. Because that's the theme I have going for that. Alongside creative misspelling for such.

It's going to be a very interesting book four.

My "quick sanity project" is now looking like a firkin QUADRILOGY ffs. It might go to five or even more. WHO KNOWS ANYMORE?

Not fuckin' me. That's for sure.