Challenge #03941-J289: In Every Home, a Garden

"But.... you're wealthier than I am!"

"Yes, so?"

"But they're making you pay those insanely high taxes!"

"Your point?"

"Why aren't you mad? Why don't you take it out of your people's wages??"

"Do you know why my empire is continuing to grow and so many of your people's empires collapse?"


"Come, let me show you a new path forward." -- Anon Guest

The heretic lead the oligarch around a heretical polity. The air was so clean all over the world. Yet there was no sign of any atmospheric scrubbers nor processors for the resulting pollution bricks. There were weird buildings everywhere. And hardly any cars.

"So..." guessed the Oligarch, "This is... your estate? Why so many buidings and roads?"

The Heretic smiled. "This is just one of the residential areas for the greater populace. Public housing."



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