Sunday, Day of Rest


  1. Did Parkrun/brunch
  2. Got dressed up for a birthday party
  3. Worked at Adorable's place so I wouldn't get too deep into work at home and forget the party was on
  4. Went to the party
  5. Which went WAY late
  6. I did not get to bed until half-past 11 PM

So I had to cancel my streams.

My offerings are still going out unto you. I'm writing as I watch the Tale Foundry stream.

There's a prompt for the next week that I have no current thoughts on. That might be an interesting experience. I'm calling this years' All Hallow's Read a wash. I would rather write saucy vampire fanfiction.

The GOOD news is that I have some plot for the next branch of A Devil's Tale. I just need a couple more elements and I shall see how well I can maintain focus with Kosh versus the FOUR FIRKIN FANFICS I started while I was taking that break.

Pray for me.