Challenge #03940-J288: Looks Innocent Enough

The human is albino, white hair, pale skin, pink eyes. Their much taller havenworlder friends that they are protecting have white fur and light colored eyes. The human wears the same colors as their crewmates for a uniform. The Pirates learn the lesson of the "hidden guard dog" the hard way. -- Anon Guest

The lighting on the ship was dim. They liked it that way. Their homeworld was, as some might say, slightly frosty. Thus, things like pale colouration and a coat of fur made sense. Their Ships' Human was the same colour as them for completely different reasons.

They called it Spacer's Albanism. In environments with artificial light and little in the way of natural radiation, those who spent generations on stations or in ships tended to lose all need for melanin. Those who had it ranged from blond and blue-eyed to white as the proverbial sheet with pink or even red irises. That was just one reason why Human Ness fit in with his crewmates so well.

Those familiar with Humans know many of the others. They may be self-sacrificing, terminally curious maniacs, but they're our self-sacrificing, terminally curious maniacs. It's that darn pack-bonding of theirs. It gets everywhere.

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