Saturday, Parkrun, Democracy, and Social Shenanigans

We did the fitness thing this morning, and owing to stuff this afternoon, I am currently working on the mobile arrangement. We're wishing a friendo a merry birthmas [I think?] so we're going out for an evening of frivolity and fun.

Fortunately I was able to plan for this and, as the sole bean able to drive, arranged for myself and the spawn to have voted early. Now I have less concerns about whom I may be ferrying where. Yay.

I now have a bigger bag in which to tote my things. No more wrecking Beloved's loaner. And it's big enough to carry my laptop so I don't need to worry about damaging that any more. OTOH I still have to worry about becoming the family packhorse because, "You've got a big bag..."

Can't win, can I?

I also received a pair of bone-conducting headphones that are very nifty. But also wireless, so win-some, lose-some.

Teh PLN for now is to get my daily offerings done as soon as possible so I have half a chance of being fully sociable by the time the social stuff rolls around. Huzzah.

I've got a new PLN for book 4 and a PLN for the cliffhanger chapter. I just need a couple more ducks to line up and I shall be off to the races, so to speak.

Daily offerings ahoy!