Challenge #03939-J287: Running Scared

Some monsters are deliberately spreading the lie that Wraithvine is hunting down and killing hell-kin, and other unwanted peoples, to "purify the world". That would explain why these poor people, whom they want to help, are so terrified of hir. It's time to put an end to the rumors so that those in desperate need can be saved. -- Anon Guest

Ouch. That had hurt. A lot. Wraithvine focussed on hir breathing and wondered, not for the first time, if ze really could not die. So far, ze had been lucky. This might be unlucky.

Ze could barely keep hir eyes open, let alone focus on the blurry figure approaching. There was a certain nervousness in their posture, but ze couldn't discern any more.

Blink. They were closer. Blink. Close enough to recognise them as a Hellkin. Blink. They had a knife. Guarded position. As if afraid of something.

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