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Saturday, Parkrun, Democracy, and Social Shenanigans

We did the fitness thing this morning, and owing to stuff this afternoon, I am currently working on the mobile arrangement. We're wishing a friendo a merry birthmas [I think?] so we're going out for an evening of frivolity and fun.

Fortunately I was able to plan for this and, as the sole bean able to drive, arranged for myself and the spawn to have voted early. Now I have less concerns about whom I may be ferrying where. Yay.

I now have a bigger bag in which to tote my things. No more wrecking Beloved's loaner. And it's big enough to carry my laptop so I don't need to worry about damaging that any more. OTOH I still have to worry about becoming the family packhorse because, "You've got a big bag..."

Can't win, can I?

I also received a pair of bone-conducting headphones that are very nifty. But also wireless, so win-some, lose-some.

Teh PLN for now is to get my daily offerings done as soon as possible so I have half a chance of being fully sociable by the time the social stuff rolls around. Huzzah.

I've got a new PLN for book 4 and a PLN for the cliffhanger chapter. I just need a couple more ducks to line up and I shall be off to the races, so to speak.

Daily offerings ahoy!

Saturday, Social Shenanigans and Radio Silence

As you may have guessed, today was a teensy bit of a scrum. Tram to parkrun, doing parkrun [I made it in under an hour despite having the World's Steepest Hill [hyperbole] as part of the course.

It damn near did me in, but I made it.

My legs are going to hate me for the rest of the week.

We had to check out before parkrun and then go collect our bags in our active wear. Fortunately the friend we were

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Saturday, I have a social life now


Social life?


Yeah apparently I do.

We took KIABIL for the Parkrun and he did the whole 5K straight out of the box! Holy shit. Thereafter, we went to a Nerd Bar called Netherworld.

Yes, there are Nerd Bars. Yes, they have a lot of games and that includes game machines. They also have an overall atmosphere of inclusivity that makes the whole place pleasant to be in.

Translation: TERFs Not Allowed.

It's a nice place. But it also sucked

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