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Saturday, Parkrun, Democracy, and Social Shenanigans

We did the fitness thing this morning, and owing to stuff this afternoon, I am currently working on the mobile arrangement. We're wishing a friendo a merry birthmas [I think?] so we're going out for an evening of frivolity and fun.

Fortunately I was able to plan for this and, as the sole bean able to drive, arranged for myself and the spawn to have voted early. Now I have less concerns about whom I may be ferrying where. Yay.

I now have a bigger bag in which to tote my things. No more wrecking Beloved's loaner. And it's big enough to carry my laptop so I don't need to worry about damaging that any more. OTOH I still have to worry about becoming the family packhorse because, "You've got a big bag..."

Can't win, can I?

I also received a pair of bone-conducting headphones that are very nifty. But also wireless, so win-some, lose-some.

Teh PLN for now is to get my daily offerings done as soon as possible so I have half a chance of being fully sociable by the time the social stuff rolls around. Huzzah.

I've got a new PLN for book 4 and a PLN for the cliffhanger chapter. I just need a couple more ducks to line up and I shall be off to the races, so to speak.

Daily offerings ahoy!

Saturday, Democracy Sausage and Sog

It's raining, the yard's a quagmire, and I will put my vote in to change ScoMo's job title today. Yay.

Also coming with are Beloved and Mayhem. Beloved and I are planning to wear our pride pins to ward off spruikers for the White One Australia Party and the United Fascist Australia Party. Both of those parties are bigoted gits and I can't believe they have a following.

Then again, the orange canker sore who used to be POTUS has a following

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Democracy Franger

There's elections happening in our neck of the woods, and Beloved and I are about to stick our opinions onto pieces of paper.

Notes for confused Americans:

  • Voting is mandatory in Australia
  • You actually get fined for not voting
  • You are actually allowed to not vote for anyone [draw a dick on the ballot, pen a witty limerick across the sheet, whatever] but you still have to turn up and do it
  • Democracy comes with an optional fried snag in a slice
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