Democracy Franger

There's elections happening in our neck of the woods, and Beloved and I are about to stick our opinions onto pieces of paper.

Notes for confused Americans:

  • Voting is mandatory in Australia
  • You actually get fined for not voting
  • You are actually allowed to not vote for anyone [draw a dick on the ballot, pen a witty limerick across the sheet, whatever] but you still have to turn up and do it
  • Democracy comes with an optional fried snag in a slice of bread
  • It also happens on weekends and goes all firkin day so that everyone has a chance to vote

This is how democracy works in countries that aren't afraid of the populace's majority opinion.

We don't allow voter suppression like the States do. And I'm pretty sure our gerrymandering has rules about what makes a district.

So I'm going out to have a patriotic sausage and maybe doodling a vag on my ballot because representation matters. It depends on what parties we have to bollox the country up for us.