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Monday, Shrink Day and Foundry

It's happened. I had someone compare my WIP to the Bible. As in, the Good Book is LIGHT READING compared to whatever the fuck I have going on.

I'm sure other writers have been told to tone it down in the same way.

And I am once more called out for torturing the boy.


I am proceeding apace with the summary of Beauties, the recording of ADT. I haven't touched Stencyl, last week so my messing around there before tomorrow will be minimal. At best.

I am a busy, busy bean who just wants to write saucy vampire fanfic.

I have THREE demons and their potential relationships for the future shenanigans. I need some toxic flower/plant names for some Archfey. Because that's the theme I have going for that. Alongside creative misspelling for such.

It's going to be a very interesting book four.

My "quick sanity project" is now looking like a firkin QUADRILOGY ffs. It might go to five or even more. WHO KNOWS ANYMORE?

Not fuckin' me. That's for sure.


I know where the problem is with Gears of Spud - the nebulous idle clicker I was concocting. I need to make a CSS style sheet so the layout is cemented.

Which means that my next goal-oriented HAM days are going to have "Learn CSS" on there. What it is, how to use it, how to make sure it doesn't muck up. That sort of deal.

I do know it's a way to include HTML into whatever doesn't use it, so I

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I have vowed to make Mayhem and I do the rowing machine twice a week until we get buff or the machine breaks, whichever happens first. It's a five minute stint. We go as fast as we can for as long as we can and then slow row for the rest of the time. In the unlikely event that we can keep up a fast rowing pace for five minutes, we'll move up to ten.

In my second session, I made it

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Made the bread. Everything about it was unexpected. It looks and tastes a lot like bran bread, which means I will need a little something-something to make it not taste like bran bread. Or at least make the brannishness be tolerable.

The loaf we have is still moist, so that's good. The cold loaf does not taste like dry cardboard, at least.

Experiments will begin either today or tomorrow. I have a feeling I could turn this "bread" into a cake-like object

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So close...

You would be surprised how few avenues there are for making one's own costume, out there. Generic, cheaply-made dress-ups are all you can find.

I purchased an allegedly 'adult' costume for Mayhem that barely fits him. And it has massive static cling issues. Which just re-enforces the idea that I need to learn how to sew. Costuming from pret-a-porter is not what it used to be.

I have to solve Chaos' Gem issue, fix my hat, repair my heart, and find some

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Merry October

It's the first of October and I've yet to isolate anything for Chaos' costume, this year. She wants to be her gemsona, sweet child.

That means a wee bit of running around for things. Including the figuring out of how to do the gem on the cheap. Green leggings and arm things. The more skin I cover with fabric, the less I have to cover with makeup. Even when I know where to get some good stuff on the cheap? It's just

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To the dumps!

Fret not, dear readers, I am emotionally fine. What's happening today is that I am hauling a veritable mountain of accumulated detritus out to the local dump.

I will be counting car-loads. My nifty little TARDIS car does have a carrying capacity, despite all my insistence that its volume is infinite. AND I will be doing this after my writing is done.

I'm still in the process of evicting extraneous plates and cups. I've yet to get around to evicting extraneous glass,

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Here I actually go...

Friendo had an emergency to get back to, so now I'm unfucking on my own. And sending my friendo documentary pix of the progress that I'm (very) slowly making.

It's raining, so all the laundry has to go through the dryer, and Beloved doesn't want to work or go walking because gutsache because meds. But I am doing good! I am making progress.

I put another load of dishwashing in and, whilst I was at it, unfucked the crockery cupboard by evicting

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