Made the bread. Everything about it was unexpected. It looks and tastes a lot like bran bread, which means I will need a little something-something to make it not taste like bran bread. Or at least make the brannishness be tolerable.

The loaf we have is still moist, so that's good. The cold loaf does not taste like dry cardboard, at least.

Experiments will begin either today or tomorrow. I have a feeling I could turn this "bread" into a cake-like object with a few adjustments. A little bit of cream, a little bit of flavour, a lot of Stevia... I think it's do-able.

I didn't do any arting over the weekend. Not much beyond sorting out the layers and frames for the butterfly. It's all ready for transfer and animation, now. Which will likely be happening tomorrow.

Beloved says I should aim for a $3K new compy, and I am officially one tenth of the way there with my scrimpings. Well. Nearly. I need ten more dollars before I hit that fraction. But it could well be hiding in my loose change already. I'm not counting that until my mini milk tin is full.

If I count the $400 I have in my High Hopes account, that means I have $700 all up. It's going to be a long trip to getting the $3K I need. Hopefully this old compy of mine lasts long enough to be relatively easily replaced.

You can assist me in having nice things! Drop by my Patreon Page and become a Patron, buy a book, or just transfer some of your spare PayPal dosh to "nutty @" [minus quotes, minus spaces].

By becoming one of my Patrons, you have exclusive access to things I have not yet published. Both fan- and pro- fiction, depending on how much you feel comfortable in paying per month. Every little bit helps.

Plus, if you're rich enough to sponsor $100 a month for five months1, you and I will have a little chat about that book you'd like me to write for you. I'll give you access to the book-in-progress and you will have full editorial control over it2. Cue evil laughter.

I've forgotten how long it's been since I sent the snailmail off to the postal-only agents. I can only hope that my manuscript is being duly considered and hasn't been fed through the shredder. Waiting is hell. I'm going to give it until Christmas to get a letter back to me. That way I can be sure and certain that my manuscript has vanished from concern and I'm free to go bother other people about my work.

I would really appreciate it if my other two Beta Readers got back to me about Beauties and the Beastly. Only one reads this blog, though. I have other means to bother the other one.

If you're not already a Beta Reader, you can also have a go at beta-reading Beauties and the Beastly by sponsoring me on Patreon for as little as a dollar a month. I post a chapter from Monday through to Friday, and I'm almost finished posting those chapters. So as soon as your payment goes through, you can enjoy laughing at all the little flaws and mistakes and accidents that have occurred throughout this unedited 'masterpiece'.

...I really need money. Lots and lots of it.

I am absolutely terrified of having this compy die on me.

And I forgot about self-shill Sunday because faffing about with games was more important for my mental health. I need to make myself do the thing.

On the upside, I've got my annual horror story going. It's about a racist having all the lies he's told come true, and realising that the grass is definitely not as green as he imagined on the other side of the fence. It's not going to be a happy ending for him. Because, since when do racists deserve a happy ending?

I have the cleaners coming this afternoon, so that's extra fun in my day. And I still have to arrange a story to happen.

I'm working so hard on everything. Can I have some rewards, please?

  1. I can dream.

  2. At least until I let my other Beta Readers in on it and then you'll have to argue with them.