Here I actually go...

Friendo had an emergency to get back to, so now I'm unfucking on my own. And sending my friendo documentary pix of the progress that I'm (very) slowly making.

It's raining, so all the laundry has to go through the dryer, and Beloved doesn't want to work or go walking because gutsache because meds. But I am doing good! I am making progress.

I put another load of dishwashing in and, whilst I was at it, unfucked the crockery cupboard by evicting all but the bare minimum of dishes. The rejects are currently inhabiting the kitchen countertop because taking dishes up to the shed is top on the list of things I really dunwanna do when it's firkin raining.

And monsoon season has set in, so that means that the dryer is going to see more action and I might have to hustle a metric fuckton of plates, bowls, cups, and assorted cutlery out of sight and therefore out of mind.

And since Beloved is sick, I have given them the voluntary task of evicting the aforementioned assorted cutlery. IF they feel up to doing anything at all.

And I've perfected a recipe for grout de-gunker!

1/2 cup of bi-carb [sodium bicarbonate/baking soda. It's all the same thing, so get the cheapest one]
1 artistic drizzle of loo duck stuff [Again: cheap is FINE]
15 spritzes of pure vinegar (Use a plant mister)

Mix into a blorpy, homogenized paste and toothbrush into the yucky grout. You will be AMAZED.

And, of course, rinse off when you're done.

Bonus round: I no longer have to get my wires crossed about the harness-fitting date because it's actually today! Some part of my addled brain wanted it over and done, I swear.

There's other things I'd like to avoid... and de-gunking the grout in my bathroom is looking great by comparison. Heheheh