Merry October

It's the first of October and I've yet to isolate anything for Chaos' costume, this year. She wants to be her gemsona, sweet child.

That means a wee bit of running around for things. Including the figuring out of how to do the gem on the cheap. Green leggings and arm things. The more skin I cover with fabric, the less I have to cover with makeup. Even when I know where to get some good stuff on the cheap? It's just better to conserve that nonse.

And since my birthday's also coming up in just three short days, I also have to get the cover ready for my Hallow's Read story. The covers for the stories I give away for free are... less invested in. But I still try to do a decent job of it.

I try to keep things simple, as a direct result. With pen in hand and absent mind, I can doodle fairly decently. Give me a mouse and a copy of Photoshop, and I will make nightmares. And you've seen what happens with an old iPad and a fine-line stylus. Horrendous.

This is where Beloved steps in and tidies up my mess into a halfway decent front cover. Fun times.

Maybe, just maybe, this time I'll actually manage to do something that's "okay".

I'm still working on the mountain of laundry as was excavated, but I'm keeping the countertops and table relatively clear. Huzzah. Minimising the clutter has helped immensely. Sorting through the things we need, the things we don't really need now, and the things we never really needed has removed a lot of the stuff that was just getting in the way of all the other stuff.

I'm not up to zen and the art of sleeping on a bamboo mat (hell no!) but I am decluttering and it feels wonderful. That is, when I'm not tired off my arse from shifting things around for maximum convenience.

I have to remember not to eat, this morning. The blood test that was ordered involves fasting before I get partially exsanguinated. I'm only allowed to have water until the place opens at nine-ish.

And I've become very used to having food closer to six in the morning.

So once again I distract myself and keep my mind on other things. I'm getting good at it.