I know where the problem is with Gears of Spud - the nebulous idle clicker I was concocting. I need to make a CSS style sheet so the layout is cemented.

Which means that my next goal-oriented HAM days are going to have "Learn CSS" on there. What it is, how to use it, how to make sure it doesn't muck up. That sort of deal.

I do know it's a way to include HTML into whatever doesn't use it, so I may have a step-stool for that particular ladder of learning. We'll see.

When I get a time window I can rely upon.

It's all about time windows, with me. Being there for others means I have less time to be there for me. Such is the way of things.

When I find one, I might only have time for one HAM a day, or as few as one HAM a week. I'll make it work. I'm good at finding snippets of time in which to do stuff.

For now... the snippets are just for writing. I have my final 1K to wrangle for this week, setting the word count of B'Nar up to 78K. You will soon have today's Instant and Flash TAZ Fiction.

Do I shorten that to FTF or FTAZF? You tell me.