Tuesday, Patreon and Shrinky Dinks

I forgot I had a shrink appointment today. Whoopsy doodles. Fortunately, automated systems saved my butt and I can keep an eye on the time.

So I can rant about the publishing slog BUT I gotta remember to talk about self-blame and get some strategies because I need that AND I've been forgetting for a large amount of time. If I forget again, my Beloved will be ticked.

Chaos is going on an overnight thing again tomorrow, and she seems to enjoy them. And I'm the one who has to chase down some missing things. Huzzah.

After the Shrink call, [with an 80% chance of cat butt] I must hie myself outwards to the shops to fetch the last missing things from Chaos' camping inventory, and make sure they're packed. No worries there.

Somewhere in today, I shall get the common samples. First three chapters, first chapter, first thirty pages. All in separate documents, all saved as PDF and DocX formats, and the source Google Doc in case someone has some formatting issues they want refined.

And if I get that done, I can take a breather and play some Minecraft with fellow authors in the Tale Foundry crew. I might see if I can do two games at once because I have farms on Kraz's server that need grass grown.

Experimentation be fun. Succeed or fail, I learn something.

I also have to post my nonsense, both today's tale and my Patreon stuff, so let's get going with that.