Challenge #03530-I242: Not a Happy Ending

Kevin, Ma, Venin, Abundance, the newly adopted child that used to be the lich king, and the former rogue serpent that tried to kidnap Kevin, and was now a part of the odd little family, all had a long talk, and decided to take over this little kingdom that once was the lich king's, and have a new, permanent home, their family from back on the old farm could come to them, right? Would Wraithvine and Pondermore stay and join them? Or would they wander on to new adventures? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am still figuring out what the hell happened to Yautto, but I'm also figuring out what the hell timeline I have here. I didn't want a continuity but now I'm getting one I guess. Also I wrapped up Ma's adventures in a prior tale]

Miller farm had grown since Wraithvine had last visited. It was hir habit to check up on those ze had adventured with, making certain that their happy endings were not another uncertain beginning. This was a good sign.

Amatu was very happily married and starting a little farm with his bride. Vee had gone home with her uncle the Bugbear to Lower Petraine. Which left Gikka, currently riding Pondermore's shoulder, and Pondermore herself. Wraithvine would stop by later. This journey was about the last batch.

The formerly poor soil that had gone to weeds was now rich and fruitful. Even the old mill was repaired and running. The rich red colour of the soil was a minor concern.

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