A 7-post collection

So here's a situation:

I'd like to get my hands on some wholemeal flour. Any wholemeal will do since you can transition a sourdough starter to literally anything going as long as it's in the same family.

Obviously, if I want a rye starter, I'm going to need another jar.

However, you can use a starter with any other kind of flour you like, so long as it's got the carbohydrates for the yeast to feed on.

Beloved's corporation has realised that office space and having butts within are not strictly necessary. Like, they need the space for the servers to exist in and people to pop in now and again to make sure they're maintained, but... most stuff has been telecommutable for quite some time.

Thanks to movie companies not wanting to lose via lockdown, there's no more reasons to have a cinema release, so this might be the end of movie theatres.

Most recent news about the plague is that a lack of Vitamin D can increase your risks of suffering adverse effects from catching the plague. The good news is that half an hour in the sunshine is enough to generate that internally. So go ye forth and photosynthesise.

I haven't heard anything outrageous from the Muppet yet, and it looks like China's glorious leader is absent minus an important trace... Their media is scared to report anything beyond "everything is wonderful". Not good behaviour when the people need a smooth transition to the next glorious leader. Preferably appointed by the predecessor's posthumous endorsement.

I have been up all morning since half-past the new day, so I want to sleep, but I owe you a story.

Also I owe my podcast listeners an apology for not posting an episode on time. It's not like many people were paying attention to it anyway.

Story first. Attempting to pay attention long enough to write it before I should go shopping.

Wish me every luck. It's 7AM already.

Fighting the Fight

It's going to be raining today, and I can't let that stop me, because we have a whole rainy weekend to get anything done in.

Pray I don't electrocute my stupid self with all the water zipping around. If I'm gonna hurt myself to the point where I can't work on this thing anymore, it's going to be on the eve of the day where I can plausibly get help to work on this thing.

Just watch. This is the day I

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Three out of the four corner posts that I need to notch are warped. This wasn't a problem in the middle, but it is a problem at the ends. I lack the muscular strength to hold down a post to the point where the limiter actually hits the line, and the accuracy to actually hit the line with my own limiting of the saw depth.

So I thought I'd disassemble the problem garden bed.

Problem 1: It's fastened with big-ass screws

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Gone to the Procrasti-Nation

I wasn't able to 'push' my novel's output this week. I've barely been able to line up what I'm taking.

Procrastination is happening because I don't want my friends' death to be real. I don't want things to be final. As if putting off the entire journey off is somehow going to make my friend come back and tell me that this was some kind of bad joke.

...I wanted to believe that when my Grandfather died when I was about ten.

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Brief message and an embuggerance

I have to see my shrink today and work out whatever the shit is going wrong with my brain this week. I don't think I'll ever be cured of my anxiety. I'll just find ways around the whole deal.

And speaking of ways around stuff... It turns out that the 2009 print of Steam Powered Giraffe's Album One is still in the no-touchie class of their music because of the recent re-release. It would have been nice to know this in advance.

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This time fer sure

(Said in the voice of Bullwinkle J. Moose) So lately, I've been Distracted. Thanks to my personal blog, my routine is thrown off and I'm forgetting things.

I can not wait for Keto to kick in with that higher brain function.

Either that, or my addled brain and disorganised thinking is permanent. Bugger. So that means routine, routine, routine for me.

We'll see.

Making a new routine for myself always has a few bumps. And writing my daily blog and forgetting to

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It's Raining

And in the middle of winter, when I have to go over mountain passes, that means black ice. Possibly the deadliest thing to happen on roads shy of drunk drivers.

Which means the roads of my egress are closed.

Which means my scheduled scarperfication is delayed until the roads are cleared.

And since it's raining, the only other path for buggering off is flooded because gully country. And I realize that will only make sense to Australians so: gully country is where

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