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Gone to the Procrasti-Nation

I wasn't able to 'push' my novel's output this week. I've barely been able to line up what I'm taking.

Procrastination is happening because I don't want my friends' death to be real. I don't want things to be final. As if putting off the entire journey off is somehow going to make my friend come back and tell me that this was some kind of bad joke.

...I wanted to believe that when my Grandfather died when I was about ten... I guess I never grew out of it.

Reality is that which continues, regardless of belief. I know that. I'm going to be there and witness the ultimate reality.

So yeah. I'm dawdling. Even on my own work.

The Embuggerances clustering around my life include a karked car.

My car has been leaking coolant for some time, and it's gone beyond the point of being ignorable. I managed to get my car squeezed in for a look-see by the experts and... yikes. It's for-want-of-a-nail time.

A little O-ring was leaking and melting as it leaked, causing the trouble. To replace the O-ring, the experts pretty much have to pull my engine a-firkin-part. When they want to put it all back together, they have to replace some one-use-wonder pipes because planned obsolescence makes a lot of people money.

The cost of the O-ring itself is probably closer to twenty cents. The cost of the pipes, the transportation of those pipes, and the work of installing them... all totals up to over a thousand dollars.

Plus I have only a few days before I'm taking this road trip.

With my car in the shop, my transit options came in multiple levels:

1) Fly and rent or uber - expensive as hell when we're pondering the $1K+ repair bill. Guaranteed to wipe our bank accounts.
2) Steal Borrow someone else's car for the trip - do-able, cheaper, and the only risk is the relative unfamiliarity of the vehicle in question.

We have: Beloved's behemoth 4x4 with the moddest of mod cons (vintage, a year or two) and it's compatible with my phone... OR: The shitty no-cons car with zero compatibility with literally everything except the radio and it barely has cruise control.

Literally nobody wants the shitty no-cons car. Mayhem's getting it after he has his P-plates.

So. I'm stealing Beloved's car, using Waze so I don't accidentally speed, and getting a bunch of road snacks for the long-arse road trip on the Saturday before.

I'm going to try to stay on my assorted wagons - Keto and caffeine-free - for the trip, but I'm not going to be taking any risks on that score.

And now - I write whilst I can.

Brief message and an embuggerance

I have to see my shrink today and work out whatever the shit is going wrong with my brain this week. I don't think I'll ever be cured of my anxiety. I'll just find ways around the whole deal.

And speaking of ways around stuff... It turns out that the 2009 print of Steam Powered Giraffe's Album One is still in the no-touchie class of their music because of the recent re-release. It would have been nice to know this in advance.

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This time fer sure

(Said in the voice of Bullwinkle J. Moose) So lately, I've been Distracted. Thanks to my personal blog, my routine is thrown off and I'm forgetting things.

I can not wait for Keto to kick in with that higher brain function.

Either that, or my addled brain and disorganised thinking is permanent. Bugger. So that means routine, routine, routine for me.

We'll see.

Making a new routine for myself always has a few bumps. And writing my daily blog and forgetting to

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It's Raining

And in the middle of winter, when I have to go over mountain passes, that means black ice. Possibly the deadliest thing to happen on roads shy of drunk drivers.

Which means the roads of my egress are closed.

Which means my scheduled scarperfication is delayed until the roads are cleared.

And since it's raining, the only other path for buggering off is flooded because gully country. And I realize that will only make sense to Australians so: gully country is where

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