Today's delay was caused by Beloved being a fluff-head. They wanted to check on Factorio, and I just had to check with them by some kind of mutual telepathy or something.

It's a cleaning day, today, so today's story may well be later than usual. Fingers crossed, I get there anyway, but... my brain is now set on 'wannaplay'. Thanks, Beloved.

Loyal visitors to my Patreon will note that I've switched things up a smidge in anticipation of even more books that I spend the time on writing and never get properly beta'd.

If I could sell some, I could afford a pro level editor. But I need editing in order to sell them. Round and round I go...

I haven't even received ONE expression of interest in Clockwork Souls. Boo. I guess people think it's going to be in the Victoriana-style I did for Beauties and the Beastly. It's not. It's more... common language with a few anachronisms thrown in.

I might have to fork out for an editor. Best foot forward equals best chances of acceptance, etc. Better investment than AR&E.

My PLN for today involves chewing them out, followed by looking up my chances at TOR. Fingers crossed, my dear readers. Fingers crossed.