Tea fixes everything

I've been bingeing on the herbal teas since I got crook. The addition of a little ginger to the pot has helped immensely. And also drinking an undertow-mug's worth1 of tea at a time helps. And it helps for a surprising length of time.

The cleaners didn't arrive yesterday. I can hope that they'll come today, but because Easter, everything's up to debate. Giving the kids a ten-minute clean-up task definitely helps. Especially since it's their gateway to having access to their electronics.

I am looking after myself. I'm actually eating more regularly with Lurgi than without it. Not that I recommend it as a self-care plan. My meals are (a) very quick and (b) possibly horrible. For example: Breakfast was a quarter of a very small wheel of camembert. Lunch was a serving of reconstituted stock and no-carb noodles. Dinner, cooked by Beloved, was rissoles2. Which was probably the only thing stopping me from having a deficiency.

Today is not looking much better. I've already engulfed my daily serving of peanuts and a mixture of elderflower and peach teas with some ginger thrown into the pot for its anti-lurgi capabilities. All in the aforementioned undertow-mug.

It's been an hour into the after-effect and I can already feel my eyes getting crunchy.

But I gotta get on or else I'll just sit in misery forever.

  1. I have a mug that holds more than two regular mug's worth of beverage. I joke that it's so enormous that I have to watch out for the undertow. It's a joke I stole from an old PVP comic.

  2. Note for my American readers - Rissoles are a uniquely Australian dish, apparently. We take mincemeat, breadcrumbs, egg, onion, some small-cut veggies, and herbs and spices [mixed together of course] and fry them up in something halfway between a meatball and a meat patty. They can be ingested as is or served with more veg or the side of carbs of your choice. Best with condiments. Those of you who are doing LCHF can replace the breadcrumbs with almond meal/flour.