I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night watching murder documentaries.

I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night playing Factorio.

I should get to bed at a reasonable hour - anywhere between eight and nine thirty - and get a reasonable amount of sleep.

I should focus on doing the things that needs must be done, instead of faffing off to play a building-things-incessantly game.

Long story short, I didn't get a lot of sleep for varied and asinine reasons and now I am paying the penalty. And I STILL have to phone people about doing shit.

Beloved has it all together. We have a new freezer ready for approximately half an edible beast. All we have to do is rebugger the carport a little bit and it's all golden. Ready and waiting for portions of beast.

I have to call the new mower dude because apparently the yard mowing business is full of nigh-retirees who are constantly handing their businesses off to people who may or may not wish to do the things that you hired the first mob.

I have to book my car in for a service before it breaks.

I have to get my flu jabs or I might die.

And yet, for all of these, I am letting inertia do the work.

Would that I could afford a personal assistant. But I can't even afford a laptop that isn't out yet.