Challenge #01996-E172: Can't Get Worse/It Got Worse

Spiders covered every inch of every surface all the way to the airlock. The terror and the events that followed have only now been released. -- Anon Guest

The humans did not flinch from battle. Entire civilisations in their history had trained their minds for combat and strategy. They did not quail at injured Galactics. They trained for this all their lives. Providing emergency care at the site to get them stable and movable, and then stuffing them into care pods to survive the rest of the trip to the extraction point. They had no fear of space. They had lived their whole lives in it.

There was only one thing that stopped the rescue team as they thundered their way towards their destination, trailing pods of survivors like toys on a string.

"Oh gross... The exit hall's full of spiders." Which was sort of true. Galactic biologists have debated the classification of Oshits as spiders, but the remainder of Galactic Society ignores them and calls the creatures 'spiders' anyway. That, and it's difficult to argue with humans once something has cemented itself into their mammalian brains.

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