Turn Up For the Books

Mayhem has PLNs to finish this semester early by getting their work done ahead of time. Which means most of today, and all of the rest of the week are his to do with as he pleases. Well. Except for the Traineeship. That's still going on.

But there is a minimum of 24hrs in which to faff, and I think he plans to enjoy that.

Meanwhile, I had my car service people call me, for which I am grateful indeed. One less phone call to make. Yay.

After I'm done with my Instant, I will make myself book my jabs appointment for the soonest possibly convenient time, and then I shall only have one phone call to make.

The one I've been procrastinating about for ages. Calling in the new mower person. I hate phoning strangers and it's never got any better for me over time.

But right now? I have the Brat Run followed by possible exodus. Which will likely fuck up the timing of today's Instant. And, because I missed out on a little of the sleepytimes, trying desperately to stay awake.