Bad start

I got up before my alarm. Yay. I posted the latest installment of Babes in the Woods. Yay.

I have also procrastinated for three solid hours. Boo.

On the plus side, I don't have a huge amount of work to do today, IF I don't have to haul Mayhem across country to Banyo. Just fetching him in the afternoon is fine? But going there and back twice just about wrecks me.

I need coffee.

The worst thing about my sleep issues is: if I wake after two and before five, I cannot immediately go back to sleep. And if I try for it before around nince firkin AM... I literally can't sleep.

I'm going to try that painful-as-hell reset method where I stay awake until like nine PM and then crash. Here's hoping it works. But... anxiety and ASD synergise when it comes to the comorbid sleep issues.

And speaking about comorbs, I'm having body temperature control issues again. I slowly froze without realising it yesterday. Ended my night snuggled under the doona and patch-thawing myself. And then Beloved enters with icy skin. Yeeks.

BUT... I can console myself with plenty of reasons to rug up and stay warm when I finally get dressed. And I can likely write today's 1000 words in Clockwork Souls whilst also listening to The The Adventure Zone Zone. A random, behind-the-scenes part of The Adventure Zone.

But first... my Instants and Blasts need to be arranged.