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Challenge #01917-E093: Deploy E.C.O.

"Welcome to the first cross-species special forces. You were selected because you are the best of the best in your domain. Now, you will all learn how to efficiently subdue or kill a foe, how to infiltrate a place heavily guarded and how to secure civilians that were hostages. But most importantly, you'll learn that your most important tool isn't your service weapon or a multi-tool knife. Your most important piece of equipment will be this plushy. Because there will always be children involved. And nothing matters more than the children." -- Anon Guest

It was a vacuum-packed ball. Compact and hard. The GalStand printing on it read, Emergency Comfort Object. It had a pull tag so that those in the field wouldn't accidentally disembowel the thing. K'tox had one that was a vile shade of green. Ze had no idea what animal it was made to represent, that was a surprise for all.

And here, in the aftermath, it came useful.

This small survivor had crammed themselves in a dumbwaiter, and only scanners had revealed their presence. K'tox remembered all of hir Sensitivity Training and pretended to be shocked and a little scared of this small survivor. "Oh," ze said in mock relief. "You are not dangerous. Are you?"

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