::Deep Breath:: Aaaahhh...

Posted all the Patreon stuff at record lateness. Posted the latest chapter of Babes in the Wood. Also figured out that I used the wrong email to send my imagined items of to those marvellous McElroys, and sent them all off to the correct email with minimal edits.

Loyal Patrons have already received the unedited version at no extra cost. I honestly don't know if concocting diabolical artifacts for a podcast I like counts as fanfiction. And since it's a completed work... well... I can't really charge for a sneak peek. I can't exactly post it on AO3 either.

BUT... I felt compelled to share, so now it's up for all my lovely Patrons.

Now all I have to do is get my stories arranged and I don't have to worry about today's extended plans. But just so you know - there's a movie and a carb feast happening. Plus we're seeing the nice peeps at the telstra shop again so we can finally get Mayhem's phone fixed. The freshest tale may not happen until this afternoon.

Circumstances beyond my control, bla bla bla. It will happen, it just might not happen on time.

Story of my life.