Challenge #01918-E094: Weapons of Mass Pacifism

Sometimes, some people are born with a kind of "blessing". It makes them totally unable to understand the concept of "evil". And it could create people, children most of the time, that are so pure and innocent that even the most ferocious beast or darkest dark lord wouldn't even think about hurting it. -- Anon Guest

There are people and things that are too good to be real. Well-behaved puppies. Ball pits filled with plushies. The really expensive salted caramel ice cream. The people are less likely to occur. This cruel existence tends to wound them. Break their heart and soul. They happen in fiction way more often: Dudley Do-Right, Wander, and other Unbreakably Good Guys.

But consider, just for a moment, Benny Goodkind. There are two ways to go when one's religious mother has named you Benevolence and Benny chose the path less travelled. To actually live up to his name. To willingly see the good in people, things, and happenstance. And, when deemed irredeemable, to roll with the punches and carry on without malevolence.

He hasn't filed a dime in taxes because he gives his every spare dollar to charity. Including the money that the IRS gives him for over-donating. He has a nice job on a help line, and lives frugally on the wrong side of the tracks. He helps children tie their shoes, and goes through his days unharmed by the naturally hostile or untrusting on the streets. He buys food stores in bulk to save money, and then uses those stores to make up meal boxes for the homeless in his area.

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