I can DO this

Broke Keto pretty darn hard, yesterday. Feeling bloated and retaining water today. My fingers are awkward sausages and I only JUST got over yesterday's carb coma.

My focus ability is going out of the window.


I have an Instant to write, Blasts from my Past to schedule, and MeMum to visit. Mayhem has already volunteered to "guard the house" - translated, stay at home and play games all day.

Chaos, however, is glad to come along for adventures, so MeMum gets that particular part of the alleged fun. Beloved is off to Sydney for server rebuggering.

MeMum wants to do the chocolate exchange and I honestly can't recall if I was tasked to bring chocolate for MeMum, who has been bade to stay the heck away from the stuff. Still, I do have a stash of the Lindt 90% dark chocolate, so I will take some of that just-in-case.

But for now? I really need to focus on doing my work. Wish me and my addled brain luck.