Slow start

Since nobody gets out of bed before 5:30 anyway, I'm re-setting my alarm to that time and not waking up early for half an hour of heartbreaking inertia. And that's all I have this morning. Inertia has me in its wicked claws today.

I woke up at around 3 and tried and failed to get back to sleep. A combo of Beloved's snoring and the various little annoying lights in the room kept me awake. The phone makes the body lotion glow in the freaking dark. It's downright disturbing.

I am going to get some foam and make little covers for the annoying things in my room that glow when I don't want them to. Absolute darkness is a fantastic sleep aid, it seems. And now that I know it... I need it.

Yes, I have a sleep mask. That little shit has a tendency to slip off in the night and then all the firkin glow wakes me up. Bleh. Homemade glowy thing covers with optional heat vents cut into the sides where I shouldn't see the light... seems to be the way to go.

And if Beloved removes them... We'll have to talk about that.

I have a thousand words to write, art to work on, shopping to do, a comic to make, a book to read through (the artificial voice is invading my thoughts! HELP!) and, if I can overcome inertia enough, today, taking an entire hour to just firkin chill.

It's not looking too good for that. But it's the least-effort self-care that I have.

Beloved is taking a day off so they can help their Mum. MeMum is in Clucky Chook mode about everything, and the communication lines between sides of the family right now seems... very unreliable. I guess I'm the buffer between Beloved's Mum and MeMum's anxious buckaw-ing. No slight intended on MeMum, honestly, but sometimes a Clucky Chook is the last thing you need when dealing with the aftermath of shit plus fan.

I should reblog, retweet and re-whatever-facebook-does the call to arms for beta-readers. Because only one person has answered it so far. Either everyone's too busy to read (likely) or I'm not that great and nobody wants to proof my books. The latter of which, of course, my inner hatred takes as proof positive that I suck and I don't really deserve to exist, that I'm a drain on humanity, etc. etc. etc.

I really wish my inner hatred would stop pulling this shit. It needs to chill, too. This is why I need a me-hour to just fart around and enjoy myself. I always feel better after I've fulfilled a few quests in WoW or chipped further away at another layer of mountain in Minecraft. It's something that can be accomplished when nothing else seems to be working.

Maybe I should take that hour and make up the rest of it later on. Definitely after I've done my Instant, though. Nobody knows when I work on my novel, and nobody minds when I post my art. If I post my art. The Hatchworth animation is taking forever and a week. It's pure accident that makes it look like his arms are moving and I'm glad of it. Pretty certain that folks don't want to see what five more frames look like, every other day.

Speaking of animation, I'm doing five more frames, today. Hatchworth's hatch should finally dawn over the top of the hill I drew, and then I have to watch out for when his jacket stops. It's going to be weeks before I have to fret about his pants or his walk cycle.

Meanwhile, One Leap Year of Instants (2016) has finally entered the premium catalogue after I purged any reference to Amazon out of the "Also by this author" part of the novel. Do me a favour and go buy my Amazon exclusive novella. If you've already done so, please leave a positive review. Even if you think it sucked, think up a very nice way to say that it sucked.

But now... it is time to bull my way through the day. Wish me all the luck you have. I think I need it.