Challenge #01230-C135: So This is How I Die -- Gallifreya

There are games the mind plays in extremis. One of its favourites is Hallucinations. But when the imagination is lacking or the mind is sufficiently aware of reality, the mind defaults to Good News, Bad News.

Good News, there is still air.

Bad News, it is filling with smoke.

Good News, there is still gravity.

Bad News, I am on my back.

Q'riikix, known to the humans in the crew as "Queasy", rattled a deep sigh. "So. This is how I die."

Another voice in the half-lit gloom. "That you, Queasy?"

Good News! A human! They could turn her over onto her feet in nothing flat! "Yes! Please assist! I am on my back."

"Well, shit," said the human. "I'm kind of pinned to the wall. Through my intestines."

Bad news, they were also in a fatal pickle.

"Hang on. I can still use one arm..."

Good news? A human with one arm free to use could -ha!- single-handedly accomplish anything.

The gloom pierced by a light. Bad News, the place was a wreck and the gravity was upside-down. Only the Nae-hyn and old-timers would be at home with the disorientation. Would there be any who could help?

"Okay," panted the human. "I think I can jiggle some of the wreckage closer to you. Look out..."

A jangling cacophony of falling debris, and something pipe-like fell close, but not onto Q'riikix. Leaving her to reach out and right herself. Good News, the human had saved her.

Bad News, this left Q'riikix as the only one available to save the human. Who had been pierced through seven times.

The human coughed something close to a laugh. "How are you with power tools and ductape?"

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