Turns out that a shockingly large number of my seed beads don't fit on a standard pin. This is something of a major flaw in beads, generally. If they don't fit onto the findings - what the fuck are you supposed to do?

It would cost me more to send them back, so my plan is - use what I can and get beads from a different mob when I run out of useful ones.

Also - find a profitable use for the useless ones.

I refuse to let this stop me. I am going to find a way to make it happen if it kills me.

This is very much why Bloody-mindedness is an element in the Discworld. It's certainly an element in me.

Meanwhile, I have plans to visit MeMum today. Mayhem is already planning to bow out and stay at home and I don't really know if I want to let him. On the plus side, one less kid to chase. On the minus - maybe less backup when it comes to rounding up Chaos.

Eh. I'm still recovering spoons from yesterday. Keeping an eye on one force for entropy is less stressful than minding two of them. And I really need a break.

I was going to repair the peacock hair clip we have, but someone moved all the firkin parts on me so I can't. Argh. Why does everyone fuck with my plans? It's not fair.