Milestones and Procrastination

I've hit a new low, today! 88.5 kilos, hooray. And I have Sardine Pizza to thank for it.

Yes, it's one of my dietary abominations. Take one $3 pizza from Aldi's, and two tins of Golden Circle sardines. Add the sardines to the pizza, garnish with mushrooms and cheese, and bake according to the pizza box instructions.

Since the Golden Circle sardines are super big, this pizza is super-filling, and I only had two slices of this abomination and it kept my kilojoule count low.

So of course I had some for breakfast.

Yes, I am one of those mutants who actually likes the occasional sardine. Especially resting on toast and under a blanket of cheese. Yum.

Further good news - I swept the floor this morning, because it was getting on my nerves. Bad news - that much activity really drained my batteries. Good news: Mayhem's getting into the habit of cleaning things. Bad news: not the things I want him to clean.

Barking everyone into line this morning has left me at 15% battery and I really want to SLEEP for the rest of the day. Not helped by the fact that my sleep last night was so spotty that it could have been a dalmatian with measles.

A friend who knows me in meatspace found that video and used my name in the comments. I couldn't contact them directly because new phone, and lost email addy, so I had to delete the comment. One hour's worth of anxiety at bed time plus trying to convince myself that all will be well once I get a chance to explain.

And Beloved's been getting some alarming snoring of late. Did. Not. Help.

Multiple wakings, semi-wakings, and anxiety attacks do not make for great sleep.

And I have half an hour to try and write a story. Whee.