You ever have one of those days where everything and everyone seems to be conspiring against you to make sure every last one of your plans fucks up? Even the very elements of nature seem to be against you.

That's been my entire week.

The beads I thought were fine - aren't. If I want to pump out earrings at any speed, I have to delay by making my own pins out of the aforementioned scary thin wire. Which means I have to delay even more by building my own rig to make pins a little bit quicker.

And Chaos has taken to playing with my shit whenever she eats in my work zone. A place I have told both my little darlings is a NO FOOD ZONE. She's turned one of my guide pieces into a pretzel and continously runs off with my beads reference.

I've read both darlings the riot act, and I sincerely hope it sticks, this time, but GOD DAMN...

And in-between all of this extra work I have to do, there's also de-lousing the entire family, because we've managed to find a species of head lice that defies usual methods of evicting the little bastards. I have a set of chemicals that are "one dose, once" for the whole family. Allegedly.

I also need to start manufacturing the cards for the finished product.

Lots of pre-work before I get down to the actual work. Fun times.

AND I still have to firkin edit KFZ before I can go trawling for agents. UGH.

So much to do... and so damn few spoons to do it with.