Tough slog

New Years is still kicking me in the butt, alas. The nibbling I should have done yesterday just... didn't happen.

Other things got done. Things that needed to happen, of course, because I've been waiting for said happening for the better part of a year - if not more. For instance, the jade plant I inherited part of from my grandad finally has its own garden bed.

This plant is practically unkillable. It's gone from growing in front of his house, to cut up in chunks and drying in MeMum's yard, to merely planted in the ground and hoping for the best, to being repeatedly uprooted over the years by people who were told DON'T UPROOT MY FUCKING JADE PLANT YOU NONG.

We finally cut the torn-off branch bottom and treated the cut with rooting formula before placing it in a pot to try and encourage it to actually have a root system. It sat in that pot WAY beyond the time it needed to grow roots. Up to the point where some of them were escaping through the bottom of the pot.

And it's been that way for absolute months.

Well, now we have a garden box. No random machinery is going to "mistakenly" plough that under. We have a garden bed that could withstand a small tank. It still needs some potting mix in there and the other potplant that's been waiting for a garden is still in need of enough soil to grow in.

The price for getting that done, of course, was all the spoons for yesterday's nibble. I'm not letting myself fall into slacking, though. I got today's initial nibble done before I sat down to do today's typing.

And for those of you eager to see me finish off Iris and Peter Get Married (Eventually) [Hi Mum!] I will be doing an absolute minimum of finishing one chapter and starting the next one.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll have some time to kick back and play a few games. I need some 'me' time too.