Things to Do

I have a lot of HAM on my plate, today. Which includes a break of unspecified length to go get my car fixed up from the minor accident I had in Tullagawoopwoop.

That's happening at ten AM.

Since I have no idea how long it will take to repair, I'm planning on breaking HAM so I can work on novels-in-progress if it actually takes that long. Nevertheless, I am taking the lappy.

For today, HAM happens until 10, and then after ten.

My goals:

  • Today's Instant
  • Today's TAZ ficlet
  • 500 words in _B'Nar
  • Patreon Tuesday
  • Further education in Java
  • Further education in RPG Maker
  • Find the thing to play Flash content and stop where it does so I can resume SESP
  • Pay for it if necessary [it probably will be]
  • Car fix'd
  • Minimum of one episode of Oh My Mods in the can, if not scheduled for posting.

That's a lot. I didn't get around to editing Oh My Mods because when I was done with yesterday's work, I was DONE for the day. My priorities are public work then the private stuff and that should not change just because I have different shit to do.

I have less than three hours to do as much HAM as I can.

Yoiks and away...