I'm ba-ack

Just as mysteriously as it failed, the LAN server in our home woke from the dead its long slumber and returned to duty.

I celebrated by bingeing on Forensics Files and not arting.

I simply must make myself return to arting. Inertia does me no favours when I'm standing still. I can plausibly finish the second-level sketch of Hatchworth (he is so very hard to draw ;_;) whilst I'm waiting for a parcel to turn up.

Heck, I can even play that Chess album I have from this place [Please go there and rescue as many singles and sales records as you can] because I've wanted to hear Chess for the longest time.

I need to get a new inner sleeve for the second LP in that set, but it should be protected by the cardboard in the meantime. And when I finally get the bank nonse sorted out [Beloved changed banks based on where our home loan is and now I technically don't have an income. Joy] I can afford to get a few things. Like the aforementioned inner sleeve, and a metric shit-ton of singles dust-covers. And possibly a metric shit-ton of singles to rescue from that place I just gave y'all coords to.

Who knows? I may build my own Wurlitzer in time.

Not right now, though. I'm busy enough. I just now sent off the email to the final email-able A2B without the "X plus Y" comparison because I could not think of one and nobody else seemed to be interested in trying. Kung Fu Zombies might just be a unique work. I don't know.

It's been too weird to sell, so far.

I'm one more agent and a few months (plus postage and handling) away from getting KFZ rejected by all the agents I paid for. So then I can complain and demand my money back. Or AR&E's opinion on Adapting as exchange.

I don't know what the deal is. I'll just initially complain that nobody on their list wanted my thing. See what they offer, if anything.

I have to read through more chapters of Rael, later today. As well as do all my obligatory writing. It just keeps piling up.

And speaking of piles, I've changed my five things to clean up per day to five big things to clean up per day. So far, I've shifted two large suitcases that were clogging the hall. Next on my PLN, is sorting through the basket of shoes and shifting the pairs off to St. Vinnies. Then I can offer two large floor lamps we never used to Freecycle.

That ought to make a difference.