Round Round, Run Around...

I haven't had much time for my usual slack-a-thon, lately. My activities on Tuesday consisted of (a) writing and (b) finally purchasing the scrattle necessary to build up a stock for EGDB. The process for which included some last-instant additions and two hours of Beloved not getting back to me about the sureness of the expense.

Beloved forgot, once again, that I am very nervous about spending three figures on myself. Especially when it's something that can backfire so very spectacularly like this proto business venture of mine.

I tried to sell earrings, before. In high school, when I was fresh out of learning how to do it. Nobody was interested, then. I'm kind of terrified that the same will happen now, and I'll have a box o' stock and nobody willing to buy.

It's kind of why Beloved and I focussed on one metal for our findings. Clips, pins, connectors and some fancy bits... they're all bronze. And that's because the 7-loop connector I liked was bronze.

If they'd had something similar in gold or silver, I might have gone with a more mainstream metal. But, hey - non-standard jewellery, right?

Yesterday, it was movies. We went and saw The Ice Queen -er- Frozen For Grownups -er- The Huntsman: Winters War. I confess to an aggravated sigh when the love interest suffered Death By Manpain, but her subsequent resurrection was very much interesting.

The baddies got to pass the Bechdel test in the last third of the movie. And I was slightly pissed off that they named the Ice Queen "Freya". Like, seriously, you couldn't think of any other Norwegian-sounding name than Freya? You couldn't spend five minutes on or whatever to look up something else? And childlessness as a reason to turn evil? Really?

Movie writers are so firkin lazy, these days. Sure, I admire their ability to retcon a Hans Christian Anderson tale into a Grimm Bros one, but there were some elements that completely pissed me off.

Freya. Fuck that noise.

Anyway. After Beloved and I fetched the kids, we went and saw The Jungle Book. Let me tell you - that movie is firkin eye candy. It's gloriously nummy to look at. But I get the feeling that the people making it wanted to make a three-part epic that was closer to the novel.

Disney Corp obviously vetoed that and insisted that they add two of the best-known songs from the animated version that they're obviously trying to retain copyright on... and then they gave those songs to two voice actors (three if you count the kid) who are NOT THAT GREAT AT SINGING.

Bill Murray did manage to hold his own through Bear Necessities, but Christopher "I can be firkin creepy just going across a room" Walken? Singing sorta chanting I Wanna Be Like You? My Pedo Alert went off. The reprise at the end credits was way better IMO.

And since they made King Louis so immense, the animators couldn't do buggerall but have him move his arms around like a second-grade animatronic. Also, I'm pretty firkin certain that gigantopithicines didn't get that big.

Nit, nit, nit, pick, pick, pick.

And today - I'm on the road for an hour to get Tessa to a specialist. And then an hour again getting back.

And tomorrow - o tomorrow... Jabs.

And first thing on Saturday, I'm paddling up to the nearest Aldi's to get that firkin magnifying lamp. If it's everything that I hope it is. And I sincerely hope it is, because I really need that kind of shit. Life is complicated when doing close-work, because doing the thing and then finding my glasses again is a pain in the arse. Especially when the phone rings.

Alas, magnifying lamps are not something one trips over every day. More's the pity.

My dream is to have one I can wrangle to a good height, but I don't know if articulated magnifying lamps even exist. And they're probably WAY more expensive than the ones going at Aldi's. I have to start somewhere.