Tuesday, Payday, Shopping, and Supply Run

We shall have money today. Hooray. We need to pay for so much stuff. Boo. We've run out of a lot of things and stocking up is going to be a BITCH.

BUT it also has to be done. I can only hope that we can afford a little more than the minimums because running out of that before payday hurts me in the anxiety.

I'm keeping an eye on our bank account and hoping to all higher powers that the money gets there before the shops shut.

We are out of cat food. We are almost out of kitty litter. I am definitely out of things I could easily eat. We need eggs, we need vegetables, we need sauces, we may even need meat.

Mayhem has offered to help cook me some keto-friendly foods and I am grateful. My personal impetus to cook is reduced to zero.

I'm ready to launch, but waiting for the funds to do the things.

So I shall go onwards with my offerings and hope for the best.