Challenge #03858-J206: Enforced Learning

The CEOs were screwing up, badly. The CRC, for their part, DID warn them. An entire team of Pax Humanis members showed. They were NOT to kill, if avoidable, though a few beatings might take place. Why were they there? To teach the CEO's what WILL happen, if they don't amend their ways. Why do so many of these CEO's have to learn the painful way? -- Fighting Fit

The Humans have a saying: Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. They also name Deregger CEO's as the epitome of willful ignorance. If there's anyone who would repeat the mistakes made by others, it's them.

Thousands of righteous souls set out to found an entire world based on their beliefs. Many of them did so whilst knowing that others had done so. Many more knowing what happened to those worlds. Even though they knew, they were warned, and they had people betting against them, they continued forward in their beliefs. Proving themselves grossly mistaken in the process.

There is no end to the lure of profit without other consequences.

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