Challenge #03859-J207: Want to Bet?

The CEO brags their life is better than any alliance citizen could ever dream of having. The CRC bets them 1 year that they will instantly join the alliance if they knew that life. The CEO tries, 1 year later, the CEO hands their empire to the CRC. -- Lessons

Day One. These Alliance folk are fools. I'm going to win this dumb wager. I make a better life than the one I already have, and they gain my entire empire. I remain in squalor, and they send experts to study my techniques. Of course I start with nothing and pull myself up by my bootstraps.

Nobody is going to help me. Nobody helped me rise to my position in the first place. I earned everything I got. Of course I understand that many folks won't know about the bet. I expect nothing more than what any other of those soft, lazy, know-nothings in the Alliance would get.

Day 2. A residence, medical care, and fresh food right off the bat? These Alliance sponges are nuts. There's no motivation once the plebeians have everything they need. I booked a skill testing to guarantee I'll get the work I can perform adequately. I expect to excel. I am, after all, tougher and naturally superior to any of these soft permissive leeches.

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