Wednesday, Wordpress, Date Night, and Revelations

Yesterday, I finished Chapter 280. All I needed to do was have half an hour away from the temptation of Dwarf Fortress.

So that's what I'm trying today.

After I write this blog, I shall have to leave to go shopping for essentials [cat food, tinned fish for the fam, more cream for my good self]

The kids have been on a tinned fish bender lately and supplies are running low.

So my day started with needing cream and graduated to a run-around that includes Pet barn, Golden Circle, Woolies and Aldi.

And I have to create my offerings, have a go at summarising a chapter, review and upvote fellow Taleoids in the Foundry.

Somewhere in there, I am taking half an hour away from the temptation of games to see how far I can get in the next chapter.

...and I got out of bed tired.

Wish me all the luck. I'm going to need it.