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Challenge #03925-J273: One of Our Own

A Vorax ship holds a shock to the humans, another human. A female who was raised from infancy by the Vorax. She's as fierce as they are. -- Anon Guest

Peace rarely happens all at once. There is no universal celebration when the Evil Overlord is vanquished. There is no worldwide breaking of chains when the fascist is hanged, or meets a lonely demise while hiding in a bunker from the revenge of the righteous.

Some are kept unaware of their new freedom. Some wrap their chains around them out of a desire to have what the fascist offered. Unaware that they, too, would be betrayed by fascism.

In some cases, other surprises turn up. Like Nang. A Human living in a Vorax raiding vessel. Those who brought the news to the raiders, along with a 'welcome basket' of a host of Unsuitable foods, were very surprised to see her there. The ambassador handing out the deep-fried halloumi in the pork-crackling crumb coating almost fainted at the sight.

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Challenge #03745-J092: Conquering Family

This small one, you ask, was meat. Found them as a baby, was going to raise them to make them big enough to be a real meal. Yes they are human, they are my child. They are VORAX! Touch them, and you will suffer before I let you die. -- Anon Guest

This is mine, by right of conquest. I decide what is done with it. Touch it and lose a limb. This was small, and soft, and vulnerable. This... was meat.

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Challenge #03660-J007: Save the Warrior

The ship blew apart, the last one aboard, the human. One last message as it rammed into the enemy flagship, causing the enemy forces to be completely crippled. "One Life for the saving of millions, I'll gladly pay it!" But... what happened to the human? No body was found. -- Anon Guest

This was the battle that stopped the Vorax from using their Dreadnaughts. The Humans - in their near-eternal battle with their traditional enemy, other Humans - had come up with

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Challenge #03537-I249: Death Was Never This Delectable

A Vorax with severe injuries, and PTSD, wakes up in an ICU drawer. Fully expecting these people to kill them, they signal their surrender, their readiness to die, it will finally end the nightmares. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Vorax is a caste of a whole species whose name I have forgotten and do not wish to go on a wiki walk for. Vorax is an occupation, just like Viking]

Vorax Plepht woke up in a highly technological coffin. He fully expected to

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Challenge #03487-I199: And Your Choice of Dipping Sauce

A group of humans invite a large group of Vorax, as well as other factions of their kind, such as the farmers, the factory workers and so forth, to a huge planet that's a foodie paradise. Shelling out the time to take them to an all-you-can-eat-high-calorie-lots-of-meat buffet. Why? Just for the fun of it. -- Anon Guest

It's not often that one invites the enemy to a dinner date. Neither side was truly prepared, but the Humans knew how to do peace

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Challenge #03234-H325: Warrior's Honour

"Not like this... NOT LIKE THIS! If I'm going out I'm taking you bastards with me!"

They fly their small, damaged, fighter, the nuclear engine warning of imminent detonation, toward the large hulking warship. It'd been a massive firefight as they defended the escape of the civilians from the raiders.

They awakened in an ICU drawer recovering from radiation poisoning and major injuries. And a military commander's face congratulating them on a job well done. -- Anon Guest

Some lay down their

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Challenge #02926-H003: Risk Assessment Monarchs

The humans were having a rave. The music was old-fashioned techno music as one would hear in the pre-shattering era known as the 1980's and 1990's. The music flashed, many had glow-sticks, the dance floor flashed colors and there were bright, but harmless, laser lights. And a Vorax raiding party, landing on the planet, stumbled into the rave by accident.

Just in case someone's not been to a rave or heard rave music at it's most wild, basically - it's this, but

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Challenge #02148-E319: Mutual Flailing With Shouting

"Good news Commander, there is a settlement with enough material to repair our ship, the inhabitant seems more curious than afraid, and they are more than willing to trade the needed materials for help with theirs infrastructure. Mainly a water purifying station and a basic energy production facilities."

"Do they understand GalStand ?"

"That's the tricky part... That's a Vorax settlement..." -- Anon Guest

Can you imagine a surprise bigger than that? The Vorax have castes, and the most widely-known is the warrior

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