Challenge #03660-J007: Save the Warrior

The ship blew apart, the last one aboard, the human. One last message as it rammed into the enemy flagship, causing the enemy forces to be completely crippled. "One Life for the saving of millions, I'll gladly pay it!" But... what happened to the human? No body was found. -- Anon Guest

This was the battle that stopped the Vorax from using their Dreadnaughts. The Humans - in their near-eternal battle with their traditional enemy, other Humans - had come up with dirtier and nastier means of fighting than them. Including the Kamikaze Manoevre - ramming a dying vessel into something very fragile on the Dreadnaught and making everything blow up as a result.

The Dreadnaught, its hive of fighter vessels that happened to be nearby, anyone else luckless enough to be in the area, and of course the impacting vessel and the Human who was inevitably piloting it.

They always sent a last transmission, after they got the crew out with the Last Lie[1]. Some were emotional farewells. Some were irreverent variations on, "Hey, watch this." One that stood out was, "One life to saving of millions, I'll gladly pay it."

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