Challenge #03925-J273: One of Our Own

A Vorax ship holds a shock to the humans, another human. A female who was raised from infancy by the Vorax. She's as fierce as they are. -- Anon Guest

Peace rarely happens all at once. There is no universal celebration when the Evil Overlord is vanquished. There is no worldwide breaking of chains when the fascist is hanged, or meets a lonely demise while hiding in a bunker from the revenge of the righteous.

Some are kept unaware of their new freedom. Some wrap their chains around them out of a desire to have what the fascist offered. Unaware that they, too, would be betrayed by fascism.

In some cases, other surprises turn up. Like Nang. A Human living in a Vorax raiding vessel. Those who brought the news to the raiders, along with a 'welcome basket' of a host of Unsuitable foods, were very surprised to see her there. The ambassador handing out the deep-fried halloumi in the pork-crackling crumb coating almost fainted at the sight.

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